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19th of October 2013
Converting to black and white in Photoshop.
To convert a picture to Black and White in Photoshop is an easy process.
Simple instruction to convert Black and white in Photoshop.

12th of August 2013
Is there money in Photography?
With so many new photography enthusiasts there are many thoughts about becoming a professional.
Should you ignore dreams about becoming a professional photographer?

7th of October 2013
Creating panorama in Photoshop is very easy and the best option for those wide panorams.
If you use a wide angle lens you might get big distortions or it is not a lens you use in other contexts.
Even with focal length of 80 mm is it easy to Create Panorama Photoshop.

30th of September 2013
Resizing in Photoshop is quite a easy process.
There are however different methods to solve the problem.
Of particular use is to be able to batch many pictures at once. Resize photos in Photoshop.

23 of September 2013
There are no update this week.
Check back next week for another photography related blog post.

16th of September 2013
commercial photography can be the most natural choice for those entering photography.
It is as difficult as any other are but might, based on you personality, seem more accessible than e.g. weddings.
This is a huge area, but some of the main areas are covered in our How to become a commercial photographer guide.

9th of September 2013
There are numerous sites made for teaching photography.
Anyone can create a site so it can be difficult to figure out which ones are the best.
Luckily the best sites are large sites with a huge selection and prices you can live with.
I have here made a guide for the best - Photography learning sites.

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